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Preliminary Information

This site and all its content (http://www.cristina.com.br/) are the exclusive property of the Legal Entity MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA, holder of the CNPJ : 82.663.337/0001-43, with address at Rua Doutor Pedro Zimmermann, 2833 - Galpão 1 e 2 - Itoupavazinha - Blumenau/SC - 89066-003.

1. The User is the individual or legal entity that has accessed the Site for which he/she acknowledges and accepts these Terms of Use as a Contract by electronic means.

Attention! By accessing the website and/or making the purchase of any product or service through it, you are declaring yourself aware and agreeing in an unrestricted, irrevocable and irreversible manner, with the entire content of this digital agreement Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

If you disagree with any part of this term, you must not access this site or purchase any services listed here.

It is important to note that, due to commercial dynamics as well as current legislation, MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA, at its sole discretion, may change the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of this site, without need prior notice, and the user is entirely responsible for constantly visiting this page.

3. Any tolerance by MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA regarding the breach of any obligation set forth in this Agreement, Terms of Use and in the Privacy Policy of the website does not implies novation or waiver of the right to demand compliance with the obligation.

It is important to note that some digital products, services and/or content offered by MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA are subject to specific electronic contracts, and this instrument, in these specific cases, must be treated as supplementary .

Use of the website

4. By using the site, you are aware that the content made available here, whether in writing or any form of media, including images, videos and voice, are the result of the intellect of the professionals of MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA, and, therefore, constitute the intellectual property of the company and/or the same.

5. The availability of content to the end user, whether free of charge or paid, never takes place through sale and purchase or any other form of definitive transfer of ownership.

The user, therefore, declares that he is aware that when accessing the content of the site, he is doing so through a mere assignment, of a precarious and temporary nature, of the right of use. For this reason, you are prohibited from downloading videos and/or audios, copying and/or plagiarizing content, performing reverse engineering, and/or downloading material not made available under penalty of paying for property damage, loss of profits, moral damages for misuse of image, voice and/or intellectual property without prejudice to other sanctions, including those of a criminal nature.

7. The prohibition extends even if the act aims to obtain a copy for exclusive personal use.

8. The user may not use any data present on the website for advertising purposes, directly or indirectly, even free of charge and without commercial purposes, without the prior request and consent of MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA

Intellectual Property

9. All rights relating to this site are reserved to MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA including, but not limited to, texts, images, audios, videos and any other content. All brands presented here belong to MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA or partner companies, affiliates, suppliers or refer to products for which we have the proper commercialization license.

10. Users of the website are strictly prohibited from: reproducing, using, copying, distributing, allowing public access, purchasing the right to access any course collectively (Group Buy), making our content available for free or for a fee to the general public. , transform, plagiarize, or modify in any way the contents of MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA, unless you have prior written authorization from the holder of the corresponding rights.

11. It is strictly prohibited to commercialize or make available the content of MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA without proper written authorization, including on sites such as Mercado Livre, Mercado Pago, OLX, or even in Whatsapp groups, Telegram or social networks. This act is considered as piracy and in addition to civil sanctions (property damage, loss of profit and moral damages), it is punishable as a crime under the Criminal Law.

Limitation of Liability

12. Users who partially or fully disagree with the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use published herein are prohibited from accessing the content of the site.

13. In view of the inherent characteristics of the Internet environment, it is possible that connection interruptions or suspensions, incomplete or failed computer transmissions, as well as technical failures of any kind, including, but not limited to, malfunction may occur. of any network, “hardware” or “software” or even user equipment.


14. All contact by users of MALHARIA CRISTINA LTDA must occur through the contact channel of the site http://www.cristina.com.br/

General Provisions

15. Any questions or requests related to these Terms of Use or the website's Privacy Policy should be sent via the page: http://www.cristina.com.br/

16. To definitively resolve any doubts regarding the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy as well as use of the site or infringement of Intellectual Property rights, the forum is chosen of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, to the detriment of any other, however privileged it may be.

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